Nick Thayer "A Handsome Mixtape"

"With a suitcase full of swimsuits and a Miami slash NYC slash LA summer on the horizon, we were after a little something something to get us in the mood. And who better to set the scene than Aussie DJ Nick Thayer with a hot party mix exclusively for WAH." -We Are Handsome


Douster "Carajo!"

"Back in early 2009, i was living in Buenos Aires when my homeboy Federico (arcade) gave me that sort of argentinian party break. It was basically some old dude yellin things like "toda la manitos en el aire" and other party tings. I did a whole track around the CARAJO! sample in a kinda bassline meets kuduro vibe. It was quite a hit back then and since i never did anything with it, i wanted to share it with y'all!" -DOUSTER

DOWNLOAD HERE: Douster "Carajo"


Stereobait Summer Selections 2011

"holy fuck - put this shit on your music playing device and get down to the sweet sounds of summer with this mix of banging electronic dance and bass music."



The Beatards "Tramp" (Clockwork Moombahton RMX)

Check out the super steez on this remix of NYC based rap group The Beatards. Major moombahton swag makes this one of my top tracks in my crate. Get it while its hot (and free!)

Tittsworth & Alvin Risk "Pendejas"

Yes MOOMBAHTON! The hottest shit out there right now! It seems just like dubstep, the genre has elevated itself into its own massive sound with a massive following (myself included). Check out one of the hottest tracks off of Blow Your Head: Volume 2 and the OFFICIAL video! YUP!

Chris Brown "Look At Me Now" (Caligula Remix)

"Production duo Caligula distills the excitement of the nightlife experience into pure adrenaline, creating the raw sound that defines the scene's true core. Caligula teams up to mine the deepest themes, melodies, and rhythms of what make you move." - CALIGULA

Crookers "Summer Delay Mix"

"It's summer once again and busy season at airports, which means DELAYS! But these aren't always painful or useless, and can give birth to mixes like this, made while waiting for the next flight to take off, hope you enjoy." - CROOKERS